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New York City's Dark Past... Built on the Backs of African Slaves!!!

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By some estimates, New York received 40% of US cotton revenue through money its financial firms, shipping businesses and insurance companies earned.  But scholars differ on just how direct a line can be drawn between slavery and modern economic practices in the US.

"People in non-slave areas - Britain and free US states - routinely did business with slave owners and slave commerce," says Gavin Wright, professor emeritus of economic history at Stanford University. But he says the "uniqueness" of slavery's economic contribution has been "exaggerated" by some.

Slavery thrived under colonial rule. British and Dutch settlers relied on enslaved people to help establish farms and build the new towns and cities that would eventually become the United States.

Enslaved people were brought to work on the cotton, sugar and tobacco plantations. The crops they grew were sent to Europe or to the northern colonies, to be turned into finished products. Those finished goods were used to fund trips to Africa to obtain more slaves who were then trafficked back to America.

This triangular trading route was profitable for investors.

To raise the money to start many future plantation owners turned to capital markets in London - selling debt that was used to purchase boats, goods and eventually people.

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