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Marian Anderson gave her date of birth throughout her life as February 17, 1902. Following her death it was reported that her actual birth may have been February 27, 1897.

Muhammad remained national chairman of the New Black Panther Party until his death from a brain aneurysm on February 17, 2001.

Black Panther Party Founder Huey P. Newton born. An illiterate high-school graduate, Newton taught himself how to read before attending Merritt College in Oakland and the San Francisco School of Law, where he met Seale.

James Baskett, the first male African American to win an Academy Award, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 16, 1904. After high school Baskett planned to study pharmacy, but after he was offered a small part in a show in Chicago, Illinois his career path was forever changed.

Brooklyn-born Otis Blackwell is without question one of the select songwriters whose songs literally helped redefine America's popular music in the early and mid-1950's.

Nat King Cole became the first African American performer to host a variety TV series in 1956. He's best known for his soft baritone voice and for singles like "The Christmas Song," "Mona Lisa" and "Nature Boy."

Robert Morris became one of the first black lawyers in United States after being admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1847. Morris was born in Salem, Massachusetts on June 8, 1823.

Tomie Louis Gaines was born on November 3, 1922 to Sally Gaines Glenn and Fred Glenn in Hartwell, Georgia. Gaines served in the early twentieth century with the last of the Buffalo Soldiers, the nineteenth century regiments commissioned immediately after the Civil War.

Rube Foster was a baseball player and manager who helped establish the Negro National League, the first successful professional league for African-American ballplayers.

On February 13, 1965, Malcolm X’s home in New York City was bombed.  He and his family were not hurt and he decided to keep a longstanding speaking commitment at Detroit, Michigan, arriving the next day to give the presentation below.  This proved however to be his last public appearance.  One week later on February 21, Malcolm was killed as he began to give a presentation in Harlem.

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