The Erasing of Black Fathers by Advertisers

The Ad by P&G "The Look" has good intentions and hits prejudices and racial stereotypes head-on or at least more direct than I've seen with other major corporations.

It's bitter sweet - On one hand it shows how its wrong for society prejudge Black men with suspension, disrespect and fear. However, it seems the only way to be respected as a Black man, you must have a high position like superior court judge, instead of an everyday, law abiding member of society. Thanks to a white supremacy controlled media, America and the rest of the world still has a long way to go.

We've all seen the commercials of the cute mixed children and white men with black women on American television ads. I'm aware of the erasure of Black Men from politics as if we do not vote too, but I'll do a separate post on that - in addition to the recent venom against Black Men from the younger Black women and social justice organizations that want to break up the black family and only acknowledge black male bodies when its convenient for fundraising. This post right here is about the social engineering through advertisement, which erases the Black man while perpetuating the "White Savior"

You might have also seen the butt-hurt white supremacist video compilations on YouTube, sorted by year, with their disdain for "race mixing" and interracial relationships. This article isn't about that. I'm specifically talking about the depiction of black men in advertisements and many cases, completely erasing us from existence.

Again, this is NOT about being against interracial relationships. I'm specifically referencing the lack of representation and erasure of regular everyday Black men from print and television advertisements.

“But all our phrasing — race relations, racial chasm, racial justice, racial profiling, white privilege, even white supremacy — serves to obscure that racism is a visceral experience, that it dislodges brains, blocks airways, rips muscle, extracts organs, cracks bones, breaks teeth. You must never look away from this. You must always remember that the sociology, the history, the economics, the graphs, the charts, the regressions all land, with great violence, upon the body.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates, 'Between The World and Me'
White men have always raped our women and have been intimidated by strong black men, since we were stolen from the African continent. Whether through other tribes from Nigeria or Ghana selling us to white men for trinkets or white capture chasing us down with guns and whips, our ancestors' didn't voluntarily leave their motherland to toil day in night in the cotton fields and tobacco farms of this nation.
The thing is, Black slaves were the property of the slave owners and their white family. Enslaved Blacks were even passed along to the next generation, if they weren't worked to death by their so-called slaved masters.

White-Washed Revisionist History and Propaganda in Advertisement:

Examples of commercial advertisements where Black men has been erased or replaced by a white man:

On those rare occasions when Black men are featured in advertisements, we're usually for depicted as buffoonish or the butt-end of a joke.  Here are a few examples:


Rolo's - Black Man Rolling Down Hill


Boost Mobile - Wrestling Commercial


 Mercury Insurance - Smarter Way Moat

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